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Resources For Current Drivers

At Purdy Brothers, we empower our drivers with information.

Our mobile app is available for Android and iPhone, and it puts our dispatch information at your fingertips. Dispatch data is no longer only within the cab but also in your pocket! See your assignments, message your dispatcher and check on your settlements using your smartphone.

Helpful Links

Login for Driver Settlements

Access to legacy driver settlements

Driver Settlements

ADP Online

ADP Online gives you access to your paystub and tax information.

ADP Online

P&S rewards drivers for excellent performance using our partner Drive for Gold.  

P&S Drive for Gold program

Official YouTube

Visit our YouTube page for helpful videos!

PS Logistics

DOT ELOG Manuals

Below are links to the required DOT ELOG manuals.

For our Purdy Brothers Trucking drivers, we know you’re busy, so we want to provide you the resources you need while on the road.
We will add additional resources as we receive requests, so let us know what you need in order to do your job effectively.

Contact Numbers

Dial 0 before all extensions


Larry Jameson
(865) 458-4642
ext. 1850


Angela Cross
(865) 458-4642
ext. 1846


David Levins
(865) 458-4642
ext. 2107

Jeff Bennett
(865) 458-4642
ext. 1883


Randal Welch
(865) 458-4642
ext. 1847